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Hair Clips and Alice Bands
Baby Girls Hair Clips and Alice Bands

Hair Clips and Alice Bands for baby girls, lovingly handmade in the UK, offer a charming touch to any little one's ensemble. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these accessories not only add flair to hairstyles but also reflect the dedication of skilled artisans. Each clip and band is designed to be gentle on delicate strands while ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Whether it's a playful bow or a dainty floral design, these handmade creations add a touch of sweetness to every precious moment.

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Girl Alice Band Burberry...
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This girl's Alice band features a beige bow with a gold-edged Burberry-style Teddy bear applique at its center. The charming accessory is carefully crafted and offers a stylish and playful addition to a girl's ensemble.

Price £18.00
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Feather Hair Clip with...
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Elevate your hairstyle with this unique hair accessory featuring feathers, delicate white lace and organza flower, ideal for weddings, bridesmaids, flower girls, christenings, or any special occasion.

Price £12.00
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Pale Pink Fabric Flower...
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Unique design hair clip with a satin fabric flower. Each bloom is made of many handmade petals from pale pink satin and detailed lace with pearls and rhinestones in the center. Each flower is approximately 2 inches in diameter. 

Price £6.80